Terri currently teaches voice instruction at Seminole State College in Orlando, FL, and has also taught voice for many years in Los Angeles and Nashville. Most of her students have been young females, and Terri has developed a special understanding of these young students’ musical needs. She decided to record a CD of her vocal exercises so that her students could practice with them at home (the days of bringing a cassette tape to record the lesson were long gone). Once she’d finished recording the tracks, she felt she needed to explain how to implement the exercises correctly. Before she knew it, she was writing a full book on vocal technique, geared towards her young students. She also decided to include her vast knowledge and experiences as a performer. Many young artists don’t realize the struggles of performing, especially as a female. It is Terri’s goal to empower young women and help them to become, not only successful singers, but also great musicians, performers, businesswomen, and band leaders.
In addition to her knowledge of vocal technique and her stage experience, Terri has a great love of R&B, from Classic to Contemporary – the music and the history. A chapter in Terri’s book Vocal and Stage Essentials for the Aspiring Female R&B Singer (Hal Leonard, 2012) is strictly about R&B: its history, musical forms, scales, and vocal applications.
She has loved R&B from her days of singing in Los Angeles with an 11-piece Classic R&B band. In this band she performed with Carolyn Basley, a former Ikette (of Ike and Tina Turner), and Count Yates, one of the founding fathers of R&B, who had performed with Johnny Otis back in the 1950s with his band The Premiers. These performers, and countless others, supplied Terri with a rich cultural backdrop from which to learn. She has interest in many sub-genres of R&B: Classic, Soul, Funk, Contemporary, Quiet Storm, and Smooth Jazz (a hybrid of Jazz and R&B). She listens to everything from Etta James to Beyonce to Anthony Hamilton to Maysa to Dinah Washington.
Terri continues to seek knowledge about the field of R&B and has interviewed some wonderful female R&B and Soul artists.
Terri interviews Delta-Soul artist, Joanna Cotton
Terri and Joanna discuss Joanna’s life, being a female band-leader, the music business, classical training, advice for young singers, and her many successes, such as her song, I Know Who I Am, in the movie For Colored Girls .
Terri's Interview with Contemporary R&B Singer Lo Carter
Listen and watch while they discuss musical influences, being a woman in the music business, R&B singers, and R&B vocal technique.
  • B.M. North Texas State University in Classical Voice
  • Post-graduate studies at the Juilliard School of Music
  • One year of study at Middle Tennessee State University pursuing a Master of Arts degree, with a specialization in Jazz Vocals
  • Attends University of Central Florida finishing her Master of Arts degree
  • Teaches Music Theory courses at University of Central Florida
"Vocal and Stage Essentials for the Aspiring Female R&B Singer"
This book and its accompanying CD present Terri's unique approach to vocal technique, musicianship, gigging, working with a band, stage performance techniques, and much more. Released by Hal Leonard Books, 2012.
Terri talks about her new book and demonstrates "riffing"
  • "Vocal and Stage Essentials for the Aspiring Female R & B Singer: A Guide to Technique, Performance, and Musicianship" (book and 2 CDs combination) is a succinct handbook for pop vocalists complete with 2 CDs with recorded vocal exercises. Written by a classically trained vocal professional who maintains active involvement with writing, performing, and teaching, "Vocal and Stage Essentials for the Aspiring Female R & B Singer" delivers complete vocal overview…is the perfect compact how-to instruction book for a female singer with a moderate to extensive musical background.”
    - Midwest Book Review (click here for entire review )
  • "This is a book from a woman that walks the walk and talks (sings) the talk. Great info for putting it all together vocally, and professionally. Buy it, read it, live it..It will work!"
    - Dan G. - Los Angeles, CA